“ I had a really good time at Camp Christ and wish it was a full week instead of 3 days! The coaches and my teammates were all really nice. I also feel more motivated to do good things.” – Jessica L, Lacrosse

“This year at Camp Christ, through Father Joe and the speakers, I grew spiritually. I also grew in my sports through the trainers and am looking forward to Camp Christ next year!” – Robert R, Baseball

“This year at Camp Christ I grew closer to God. I feel like I improved my skills thanks to my trainers. Thank you Father Joe and all of the speakers that have enhanced my spiritually!” – William D, Baseball

“I had a great time and I wish we had 2 more days at least to make it a full week… I am a sophomore and can’t wait to come back Junior and Senior year.” – Taylor H, Lacrosse

“I loved Camp Christ. It taught me the God is the most important thing in life. “ – Joseph R, Baseball

“Unbelievable experience. I had a very good time and would definitely recommend Camp Christ to my friends.” – Chris G, Lacrosse

“I loved Camp Christ because it gave me a great opportunity to get closer to the Lord and become better at a sport I love. It was an amazing experience and I will definitely be back next year” – Kevin M, Lacrosse

“I really liked Camp Christ! It was my first year, so I came alone and didn’t know anyone. By the third day I met great friends and had so much fun… I can’t wait until next year!” – Jelisa P, Softball

“I had an excellent time in my second year at Camp Christ. The speakers were very inspiring and the food was excellent. Training was very fun and I got to meet new people while working at my sport and practicing my faith.” – Andrew C, Baseball

“My overall experience at Camp Christ was awesome. I really liked how we had speakers that succeeded in their sports. I also became closer to God than I have been in the past.” Julia R, Softball

“My overall experience at Camp Christ this year was really good. I enjoyed every bit of this Camp and feel like I got closer to God, too.” – Jenny P, Softball

“Awesome camp! Amazing speakers with very good priests. Fathers Joe, Brian and Bishop Andrezj gave very good homilies! John Danowski, my lacrosse trainer, was amazing.” – Charlie R, Lacrosse

“It was a great experience. I had so much fun with friends, while becoming better at my sport and becoming closer to God.” – Bobby B, Baseball

“Camp Christ was amazing. I strengthened my relationship with God and I became a better person and player.” – John Michael M, Baseball

“I had a great time at Camp Christ. It truly helped me grow spiritually and physically.” – Brian C, Lacrosse

“I really enjoyed coming to this camp everyday. I wish it lasted longer. It was really nice how I was able to get better at my sport and grow in my faith. It was really cool that Coach Danowski was able to come too!” – Kevin P, Lacrosse

“It was a very fun experience. I would definitely do it again.” – Kerri R “I loved absolutely everything about this camp. It was laid back at times and I really enjoyed and learned from Mass.” – Peter D, Lacrosse

“The training was great and it really brought my playing to the next level.” – Hailey S, Softball “I would recommend this to all of my friends. The training and spiritual guidance was amazing!” – Justin Z, Baseball

“I loved being able to bring one of my favorite sports, baseball, together with my favorite thing, God! It was also awesome meeting Aaron Small. I would definitely recommend Camp Christ to my friends!” – Jack T, Baseball

“At Camp Christ I have been taught a lot to help my softball career and my spirituality. The Lord is with me no matter where I go; I can always go to him and never be afraid to speak the word of God.” – Regina M

“In my experience at Camp Christ, I truly felt blessed. It reminded me to always be thankful.” – Hannah P, Softball

“Camp Christ is the perfect way to combine faith and sports in a positive environment with influential people.” – Jennie T, Softball

“This year at Camp Christ I learned a lot and was inspired by all of the speakers and priests. I also had so much fun playing softball – the trainers were great and worked on my skills.” – Jess V, Softball

“Camp Christ helped me become closer with God and to strengthen my faith so I can clear my mind of bad influences.” – Anthony B, Baseball

“My experience with Camp Christ this year was unique. I got to play my favorite sport, be with my friends, learn more about Jesus, and listen to amazing and inspiring stories from speakers and priests!” – Sophia D, Softball

“Camp Christ is legit the best camp ever! I loved it so much and I know everyone else loved it as well. Thank you to everyone who helped put this camp together!” – Gabriella M, Softball

“Not only did I learn more about the sport I love, but I grew deeper in my faith. It was an amazing thing to learn and be here!” – Meagan S, Softball

“I loved this camp – I made new friends, the food and lacrosse training were great, but I also learned about my faith. I am totally recommending this camp to my friends.” – Sebastian S, Lacrosse

“One of the best camps I’ve ever been to!” – Andrew P, Baseball

“Camp Christ is a place I would definitely come back to if given the opportunity. This place is full of great people and activities and I would love to tell my friends all about this camp.” – Brianna C, Softball